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In 2002 I installed my first Linux, Debian Woody. The dual-boot configuration went wrong, and I erased my father's Windows installation and book-keeping data. He was not amused.

Since then my skills became more solid. For the past 10 years, I have been working as a Software Engineer for a global market leader in the field of simulation solutions for the automotive industry.

I'm interested in programming languages and paradigms, compilers and interpreters, symbolic computing and math. I'm passionate about everything that helps me and others produce well-crafted code and, in the end, efficient and reliable applications.

In my job I mostly use Python and C++. Personally, I like C (the Latin of programming languages), Racket and Clojure (for their expressiveness) and Python (for its readability).

Currently, I'm relocating to Portland, Oregon with my American wife and my Austro-American daughter.

Apart from programming, I like to spend time with my daughter, read books, make music, be alone or meet other people. I'm not on Facebook or Twitter.

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